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Hope On The Hudson

Episode 5: Undamming the Hudson River


Up Next in Season 1

  • Episode 6: Growing with the Grain

    Upstate New York used to be a breadbasket of grain growing. Westward expansion yielded more ideal climates for growing and production shifted to the midwest. Scientists, farmers, bakers and brewers take part in a grain trial test that hopes to produce a new generation of grain suited for the nort...

  • Episode 7: Keeping Carbon

    Carbon is life. when balanced, in its right place, it’s critical to our biosphere. when out of balance, in the wrong place, it’s proven to have dire consequences. Hudson Valley farmers have been dealing with the impacts of a changing climate for several years now, impacts that range from too much...

  • Episode 8: A Living River

    The Hudson has endured decades of damage and neglect. despite the myth of a dead ecosystem, the river lives. Despite its polluted reputation, the Hudson River is teeming with life. From the tiny Glass Eels to the massive 14 foot long Atlantic Sturgeon, a vital web of life defies decades of oppres...