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The Raftmakers

Episode 2: On the monkey river


Up Next in Season 1

  • Episode 3: Return to the origins

    Returning from Belize, Igor decides to explore the river of his hometown: the Oreto of Palermo. This small and very polluted stream puts him to the test. Meanwhile, a flashback taker us back to the origins of The Raftmakers project: Igor’s failure on the Mekong river.

  • Episode 4: The holy river

    Igor interrupts the descent of the Oreto river in order not to expose himself too much to pollution and decides to go to the Piave, the holy river to the motherland, with his friend Francesco. But a bitter surprise is waiting for them.

  • Episode 5: La mala perturbaciòn

    In a desperate search for a pristine but populated river, Igor goes to Cuba with his friend Simone, to descend on a raft the Rio Toa. The prophecy of a shaman, however, warns them: if they want to go back safely, they have to battle the negative energy, born of their previous adventure on the Sil...